Getting There



Follow the E79 in direction of  Kulata; pass Blagoevgrad and at Simitli turn right to Bansko.

Go throughBansko and Dobrinishte in direction of Gotse Delchev. About 8km before Gotse Delchev, in the village ofGospodintzi, turn left and follow the road through Ognyanovo and Marchevo.

After Marchevo and before Gurmen,  turn left at the sign KOVACHEVITZA and continue up the mountain. You will pass through the villages of Leshten & Gorno Dryanovo, before reaching Kovachevica.

You will pass through the villages of Leshten & Gorno Dryanovo, before reaching Kovachevica, which is the 3rd village.


1.       Follow the A1/E80 direction of Sofia. Take the exit Pazardzhik and continue following the 8 to Lozen. At the crossing Septemvri/Velingrad, turn left to Velingrad(84).

Go through Yundola & turn left (still 84) to Yakoruda , continue and turn left to Eleshnitsa, pass it and at the end of the road turn left to Gotse Delchev.

At Gospodintzi  turn left to Ognyanovo, pass through Marchevo and before Gurmen turn left to Kovachevitza.

2.       From Plovdiv via Asenovgrad (86)  – head south to Chepelare and Pamporovo. Turn right to Shiroka Laka and follow direction Devin and Dospat.

Go through Dospat via Dolno Dryanovo in direction to Gotse Delchev.

 Before Gotse Delchev, turn right to Gurmen & look for the sign to Leshten & Kovachevitza – turn right following the road up the mountain – Kovachevitza is the 3rd village.



Drive via Serres to the border Promachonas/Kulata and follow E79 direction Sofia. Turn right direction of Novo Konomladi, foloow through Kapatovo, Kromidore and Vranya. At Katuntsi turn left to Gorno Spanchevo and via Dobrotino to Gotse Delchev. Follow direction to Dospat and turn left at sign Gurmen/Kovachevitza. Through Gurmen and before Marchevo, turn right to Kovachevitza


From Kavala via Drama and Kato Nevrokopi , passing Exochi to the border with Bulgaria. Via Sadovo (19) and Koprivlen to Gotse Delchev. At the round-about, turn right to Dospat. At the sign Gurmen/Kovachevitza turn left, through Gurmen and before Marchevo turn right to Kovachevitza.


Entering Kovachevitza, follow the main road. At your right hand side you see the terrace of “The Blue Lagoon”, the central pub. Next to it the Post office and a public area with a water outlet..Turn right here and follow the road up. Pass  the Gyuzleva house through the narrow street and turn right immediately when above the house. At the end of the passage you will see the entrance of KANINA GuestHouse.

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