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    Kovachevica is nestled between the sloping hills high above the picturesque Kanina River. Early morning when the village is still sleeping you can hear the river running down the gorge and that makes a most beautiful start of the day.

    The village is a paradise for all nature-lovers. From hiking in the near-by forest to wondering along the meadows – picking organic forest fruits and herbs, collecting walnuts, apples & pears which you find in abundance here.

    Variety of birds make a real concert in spring & summer months – allowing you to experience a different reality of pure nature sounds.

    The walk to the river is energizing & refreshing at the same time – it can be extended over to the opposite hills and further to the village of Osikovo, where you can buy freshly home-made dairy products.

    Another option for making an easy walk is to go around the village – it takes you just an hour to do the tour and you will see Kovachevica at a bird’s view from the curvy road that goes around it. On the way you may take a rest & refresh with pure spring water coming down naturally from the mountain – it is an old tradition in Bulgaria to build public drinking-water-sources for the community – as a sign of gratitude or just to leave a trace behind oneself.

    Other points of interest in the surroundings:

    * St George’s chapel: 30 min. walk with slight incline, on a winding road in the forest – it has a cozy picnic area, in summer surrounded with wild-strawberries fields.

    *”Blue Lagoon” is naturally formed river pool up along the Kanina river. Reaching it can be challenging as it requires crossing the water on numerous spots, but it is well appreciated by adventure souls.

    * “Kozi kamak” – an ancient Thracian site resembling a huge rock on top of which sacrificial rituals have been taking place centuries ago.

    * Village of Leshten: on the way to Kovachevica – similar in architecture, almost as unique however even more abundant. Features narrow cobble-stone streets with much character, rustic old houses and magnificent views of Pirin mountain. It has a well known traditional restaurant offering specialties from the region and all together home-made fruit juices, relishes & fruit & vegetable preserves . Food is simple but delicious!

    * “Nikopolis ad Nestum”; down at the foot of the mountain, in the municipality of Gurmen, the very first Roman settlement on Bulgarian territory, established in the year 101 AD, is partly excavated and works are continuing to bring back to daylight that what is hidden by layers of soil.

    * Dolen & Ribnovo villages are also situated on a day-long distance making a nice hike through the forest and surrounding hills.

    * Hot springs – in the foothills of the mountain in the village of Ognyanovo, 15 km away. The 20 min drive is well worth it rewarding you with a healing dip into the hot spring basin where your body and mind will be rejuvenated in just an hour. Place is public – not fancy, but an unforgettable experience. In the area there are a number of hotels with mineral water swimming pools – both indoor and outdoor – which are open to visitors against a small entrance fee.

    In general the area offers various possibilities to explore the surroundings and it may take up to a week in order to see everything which is of interest. Not mentioning that just relaxing on the potons or large wooden balconies can be as enjoyable & peaceful.

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