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    “Kanina Guest House” is build on the foundations of an old, three storey, hay shed. The hay shed was in ruin and burned further down when a neighbouring house got on fire.

    From the old construction, only the front wall of the lower part is left over.

    The reconstruction of the old building has been done by using modern materials, but maintaining the characteristics of Kovachevitza. The results blend in perfectly with the other renovated houses in the village.

    The main entrance of the house is on the upper level, entering the garden through the main gate. On this upper level you find a living/dining area with a cozy fire-place and a spacey, fully equipped kitchen. From here you enter the “poton”, or terrace, which offers a fascinating view over the village and the valley. An excellent place to see the sun disappear behind the opposite mountains.

    Going down via the internal stair, you reach the mid level with three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. One bedroom has a double bed, the two others have each two single beds.

    The ground floor is used for technical equipment, like a wood burner for the central heating system. Further, a one thousand litre water tank has been installed with a pump, to guarantee continuous water supply and enough pressure.

    “Kanina” GH offers all the charm in style and decoration, typical for Kovachevitza, together with the comfort of a well constructed house with all its amenities.

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