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    Kovachevitza is a unique little village, hidden deep into the West Rhodope mountains, surrounded with lush green meadows and wild cherry & apple trees .

    In the past people could reach it only on donkeys & horses, which has made it difficult to access and therefore it was spared during the last few centuries – first by the Ottomans and later from the severe urbanization.

    Once you enter the village and stop under the majestic weeping willow near the church, you are overwhelmed with the feeling of old days – buzzing of bees, smell of wood-fire, the bells of grazing goats in near-by hills…

    In Kovachevitza time has stopped… The pace of life is so slow that naturally you too slow down and reconnect to this deep feeling of inner peace & joy, sleeping in all of us.

    The village was founded in late 17th century AD and stands out with its authentic architecture. Stone and wood houses are surrounded with narrow cobble stone streets… The potons or typical wooden terraces are a local feature that makes it possible to live outside from early spring till late autumn… Equipped with wooden beds, minderi, covered with mats & colorful rugs , they often resemble a cozy living/dining space with coffee and rest corners… In rainy days they offer excellent shelter and a viewpoint from which you may enjoy the scenic change of weather – from heavy rain or fog at one moment – to bright sunshine at the next…

    Since 1977 Kovachevitza is declared a historical and architectural monument which has contributed to the preservation of its appearance and spirit. Many houses are still in ruins however in the last 30 years quite a few of the old buildings have been restored and more are undergoing this process.

    Those who once experience the special vibes of this extraordinary place keep coming back again and again . A few days spent in its peaceful surroundings will recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your whole being.

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